Butler America Telecom Can Fully Support Your Business’s Fleet Needs

In addition to offering the full complement of telecommunications services, Butler America Telecom can provide a full suite of Fleet management support as well. From providing ASE Certified technicians to custom-designed preventative maintenance planning and more, Butler America Telecom can fully support your business’s Fleet needs. We add value to our clients by reducing vehicle operating costs, improving vehicle availability for intended use and reducing vehicle downtime. So let Butler America Telecom support your Fleet so you can focus on supporting what matters to you the most … your customers.

Staff Supplemental Support

Technician-On-Demand Program – We’ll provide a part time, temporary or permanent replacement for your in-house technician who is out on Workers Comp., vacation, illness, or when there is an inordinate amount of repairs or maintenance.

Machinist Union, IBEW, & CWA Union Experience

We have worked with  labor unions and can provide Union employees when desired.

Work Stoppage Contingency Plan

We partner with our customers whenever they need us to develop a contingency plan for potential work stoppages.

Fleet Manager

We provide a dedicated industry professional for each account.

ASE Certified Technicians

Utilizing our National Recruiting Team; we hire skilled technicians that have the core skills needed to maintain and repair the specific needs of the assigned fleet (i.e. diesel engine certifications, electronic diagnostic skills, etc.).

Preventative Maintenance program

We develop a program which meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s recommendation and meets the specific needs of the customer.

DOT Compliance

We create a vehicle jacket for each vehicle assigned to the fleet, with all pertinent information enclosed, a copy of the registration, completed Repair Orders, completed Preventative Maintenance forms (PMs), etc.

On-site maintenance

When it is most convenient for the customer (or when the vehicle is normally not in use), we tailor our work schedules to meet the customer’s needs and minimize vehicle downtime … first shift, second shift, third shift or any combination of shifts.

Post Work Inspections

A follow-up inspection for each technician is conducted on a weekly basis to ensure quality of repair and maintenance, completed documentation, and accurate diagnostics.

Monthly Environmental Reviews

Reviews are performed at each of the customer repair locations that we are responsible for to ensure OSHA and Safety compliance.

Report Cards

We establish agreed upon metrics with our customers for performance, quality, and productivity. Monthly Report Cards are reviewed and discussed with the customer management team at regularly scheduled Quality Meetings to discuss the results and collectively work towards improving performance where it may be needed.

Dedicated Start-Up Team

When we manage the care of a new customer’s fleet, we triage the condition of each vehicle and establish a corrective action plan to ensure that the fleet is safe, road worthy, and available for its intended use. We work to determine and understand our customer needs, determine the resource needs and develop a maintenance schedule that best serves the needs of our customer.

Monthly Safety Meetings

We are and will be prepared to attend all safety meetings and partner with our customer to ensure safety is .

In House Warranty Certification

If desired by our customer, we will work with the vehicle manufacturers to establish an “In House Warranty Program”. Working with the manufacturer, we establish the warranty parameters, obtain the necessary tools and test equipment, and perform the warranty repairs in the shop versus the dealerships. This increases the vehicle availability and reduces downtime, saving the customer time and money.