Key Responsibilities:


·         Works on communication sites for the purpose of installing, replacing, repairing antenna systems, RRU’s, steel structures and any other equipment.

·         Takes charge and control of the site. directs all other personnel and activities on the site.

·         Prep and load tools and equipment that will be needed to complete daily tasks.

·         Completes daily Job Safety Analysis and ensures anyone entering job site reads and signs.

·         Maintain knowledge with the hazards associated with tower climbing, construction equipment, and working on or near energized lines and equipment.

·         Recognizes safety hazards and analyzes situations and adopts an appropriate course of action and communicates orally to everyone on the site.

·         Maintains a clean site and working environment.

·         Proficient with Anritsu Site Master, Andrew, PPC, tower mapping & antenna equipment, RF Awareness, replacement, and maintenance i.e., Coax, jumpers, TMA’s connectors & weatherproofing.

·         The ability to climb tall structures (100 feet or more) with 50 lb. load.

·         Knowledge of custom tower rigging techniques.

·         Performs tape drops.

·         Proficient with topside testing procedures (sweeps, PIM, fiber testing etc.)

·         Performs GPS antenna alignment.

·         Proficient with installation of antennas, RRH’s, ground kits, RET systems.

·         Troubleshoots RET systems

·         Runs required lines to top of the tower; grounds coax lines and builds different sizes and types of connectors.

·         Stacks tower steel and installs of sector mounts.

·         Basic knowledge of microwave dish and radio installations and path alignment

·         Ability to train lower-level tower techs.

·         Ability to complete closeout packages according to field requirements.

·         Act as first responder if an emergency happens. Make necessary notifications (dial 911 etc.)

·         Other duties as assigned.

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