A Proven Track Record

With an extensive network of resources, Butler America Telecom has the capability to support your company’s contingency planning needs.  Butler America Telecom has a proven track record of providing the valued support needed in a time of urgent need.  From assistance with crisis management to providing skilled resources in hours versus days, Butler America Telecom can provide the needed support to navigate through challenges and drive success.

Butler America Telecom can provide support for:

  • Work Stoppages
  • Emergency Restoration
  • Disaster Relief Efforts – Resources
  • CWA / IBEW Resources

With the following types of resources:

  • Central Office Installers
  • Central Office Technicians (Testing / Provisioning / Trouble-shooting)
  • I&R Technicians
  • ISP and OSP Site Survey Experts
  • ISP Engineers (Central Office, Data Center, Customer Premise, etc.)
  • OSP Engineers (Poles, Cabling, Drops, Customer Sites, Right-of-Way, etc.)

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